Article: Mimesis: The Substructure of Hermeneutical Methodology in Christian Spirituality, by David B. Perrin

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Christian Spirituality Studies

Following up on an earlier article about research methodology in Christian spirituality, David Perrin focuses on the need for research to go beyond phenomenological description of the object being studied (e.g., a text or a work of art) and explore the object’s effects on a person’s life in ways similar to what the Christian tradition has called transformation or conversion. Here is the article’s abstract:

This article, based on the philosophical hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur, proposes a theoretical model that helps explain the substructure of hermeneutical methodology used in research as well as in general studies in Christian spirituality. Ricoeur goes beyond the phenomenological approach, which seeks a “thick description” of the phenomenon, text, or object being studied, to understand why and how these works can not only be observed, described and interpreted, but taken back up into a life such that the “story of the past” in turn becomes “the story of the…

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Nearly 600 Fires Rage Across B.C. as Alberta Researcher Points to Climate Connection

With nearly 600 fires raging across British Columbia, communities are on evacuation alert, many are choking on smoke, and especially northern ones are saying the province’s recently-announced state of emergency comes very late in the day.

Source: Nearly 600 Fires Rage Across B.C. as Alberta Researcher Points to Climate Connection

Honduran two-year-old girl cries because of Trump’s Border Patrol

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A two-year-old girl from Honduras cries as her mother gets strip searched and arrested at the USA-Mexican border. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Photo of 2-year-old girl feeds outrage over US immigration policy

In the United States, criticism is growing against President Trump’s immigration policy. …

And if there is one image that feeds that indignation, it is the above photo by the American photojournalist John Moore. Some American newspapers have published it and the photo is widely shared on social media.

We see a 2-year-old girl from Honduras who looks up cryingly at her mother, who is being arrested by the border police. They were part of a group of about twenty people who had crossed the border with Texas. The border police caught them on 12 June at McAllen.

The US American photographer John Moore was there. He has been working along the Mexican border for ten years. “When the border patrol noted the names of the people, I could see a mother…

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